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The floor lamp RINGS is a result of developing and deepening the image embodied earlier in the candlesticks of the same name.

Rhythm 2.0 | 1.0


The RHYTHM 1.0 vases are a synthesis of a common functional object and simplified architectural geometry...


Working on the collection PATH I tried to give objects a primitive, architectural monumentality to express the idea of transforming the material by man...


The HERITAGE ceramics collection originates in classical architectural forms as the basis of inspiration...



Vases, candleholders, art objects were still for a moment, reflexing and inviting you to share the moments of silence and motionless peace...

It is necessary that beauty accompanies you everywhere, that it embraces you when you get up, go to bed, work, dress, love, dream or dine

Zinaida Gippius


Decorative interior ceramics as a path from pure material to functionality

My creativity in the ceramics field is more like a path than a final idea. This path originates in classic recognizable architectural forms as the basis of inspiration, passing through their simplification to achieve higher expressiveness of shapes and lines. It leads me to rethinking of the functional forms considering the potential of the material.


Therefore, it is so important for me, on the one hand, to work on the clear geometry of ceramic objects, which, as a rule, we associate with the abstract man’s thinking, his concepts of regular shapes, balance, and harmony. On the other hand, I try to use the potential of clay itself, the features of its character, like it is an equal partner in the process of creating an object. Restrained, neutral clay’s shades and natural, rough texture of the minimally treated surface sometimes with fingers or tools traces, sometimes with clay itself kept in its natural chaotic state do not distract attention from the overall construction but enrich the object with physical properties.


Emotional filling of interior objects with minimal means of expression, appealing to a present moment are represented in a special series of ceramics - CONTEMPLATION.


My ceramics is for people who like to explore objects, their lines and curves, touch the roughness and scuffs, but their eyes need rest, the calm harmony of the surrounding interior. 








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