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Ceramic floor lamps and table



The BASICS collection is represented by floor lamps and a coffee table made entirely by hand. The general compositions rhythm refers to the balusters with their rhythmic alternation of geometric elements. The ornament is based on an artistic interpretation of the water-salt sign composition that makes up the ancient agrarian calendar. It was characteristic of the decorative wooden carvings of the houses of Nizhny Novgorod residents of the XIX-XX centuries. Nizhny Novgorod stands at the confluence of two rivers, and such compositions were characteristic of the houses of Nizhny Novgorod residents, whose life was subordinated to their condition: ice floes, floods and floods, reflected in the symbols used in the decoration of platbands. Also, the floor lamp is presented in a more minimalistic version without decorative ornament.

Decorative vases



RHYTHM vases are the reinterpreted form of a simple, common kitchen utensil - a jug. The repetition of the basic elements, contributing to the sense of regularity in the ratio of vertical and horizontal lines, their stretching and constricting, the resemblance of the handles lines to the strings of a musical instrument, which the eye move over like fingers do, are designed to create a sense of rhythm, both in a single object, and in their combination. At the same time, restrained, neutral clay’s shades and natural, rough texture of the minimally treated surface sometimes with fingers or tools traces do not distract attention from the overall construction but enrich the object with physical properties. 


Decorative vases and objects



Working on the collection PATH I tried to give objects a primitive, architectural monumentality. The juxtaposition of a concise shape, a flat surface, and a recognizable arched curve with a rough, chaotic clay’s nature in its natural state was intended to show the process of creation: from a pure material to a functional object. Modelling a vase with hands smeared in clay of a contrasting color makes visible every touch, which remains on the dark vase body, and allows me to reveal this process even more deeply.


Ceramic candleholders



Pure lines, clear, simple geometric shapes, decorative incisions of the candleholder refer to the image of primitive art, forming a universal sculptural form, while white streaks randomly create their own unique pattern on each candlholder.

Decorative vases and objects



"When I know your soul, I will paint your eyes"


© A. Modigliani

The sculptural Head on a long neck shows the moment of contemplation as it is. The detachment and calmness of the face, emphasized by the stone nature of the material, simplified and slightly distorted face features try to convey a sense of pure spirituality, without the touch of a certain personality.
The CONTEMPLATION collection is aimed at filling interior ceramic objects with an emotional component, emphasizing the moment of reflection, contemplation  with minimal expression means.


Decorative vases



The HERITAGE ceramics collection originates in classical architectural forms as the basis of inspiration.

In these vases featuring complex geometry there are recognizable architectural elements, linking the two areas of art, and emphasizing the importance of preserving our cultural heritage. Its scattered images are inevitably imprinted in us, and, joining together like pieces of a puzzle, they can serve as a basis for something new and beautiful.


It is necessary that beauty accompanies you everywhere, that it embraces you when you get up, go to bed, work, dress, love, dream or dine

Zinaida Gippius


Decorative and functional interior ceramics 

My name is Anna. I am a ceramic artist from Nizhny Novgorod. I create decorative and functional  interior ceramics.


My creativity originates in classic recognizable architectural forms as the basis of inspiration, passing through their simplification to achieve higher expressiveness of shapes and lines. It leads me to rethinking of the functional forms considering the potential of the material. The works, made entirely by hand - from a vase to a floor lamp, are distinguished by clear, rhythmic architectural forms and lines combined with natural colors and explicit textures, revealing the potential of the material itself.


My ceramics is for people who like to explore objects, their lines and curves, touch the roughness and scuffs, but their eyes need rest, the calm harmony of the surrounding interior. 



If you are a designer, interior stylist or a representative of a store/showroom, I will be happy to discuss  with you individual sales conditions.

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